Business is people. Our most valuable resource.

Business is people. Our most valuable resource.

At Hunter Douglas, we pride ourselves on our team – a worldwide network of experienced, intelligent, passionate and creative people. With our unique culture and diverse workforce, we empower our people to build and run their own businesses and develop their own careers at their own pace. We act like a federation of entrepreneurial companies who think globally but act locally. It's different. It works.


Great people working together makes great companies. And at Hunter Douglas, we fully embrace this philosophy. In fact, our company was founded on business principles by Henry Sonnenberg that starts with:

"Business Is People."

Unique focus on People

At Hunter Douglas we are passionate about creating an environment that encourages our employees perform at their best, feel happy and fulfilled in the role with opportunities to grow their skills. It’s this unique focus on people that has enabled Hunter Douglas to become the world market leader in window treatments products.

We value every employee, recognising that each person contributes to our success through their position.  The work of an engineer is intimately tied to the work of the customer service department who feedback valuable comments from customers around the world.

Our marketing teams can only promote the quality of our products if the production team meets rigorous quality standards. And an operations manager needs to collaborate with our safety specialist to create a safe and healthy environment for our staff.

We’re one team.

Developing Individual Strengths

We build on each other's strengths - whether it is an employee sharing an idea about how to improve a processes or partnering with a colleague to develop a creative solution to a challenge. By working together and respecting our individual contribution, we are able to accomplish our goals and objectives and often exceed our greatest aspirations.

All our employees, in whatever discipline they have embraced, and in whatever country they work in, know they play a vital role in the Hunter Douglas community.

Every individual counts.

Our Values

Our Values

We have a set of values which go right to the very heart of everything we do, every day. These values have powered our success in the past and drive us on to an even brighter future. We think it’s important to that these values are written down as it’s through these shared beliefs which have shaped our culture and long-lasting relationships with our employees, our partners and our customers.

An entire philosophy captured in just six words.

  • Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Committed
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Diverse
  • Caring